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Earnings rise fastest for the low-paid, says ONS

Earnings have risen fastest among the lowest paid due to higher minimum wage levels, figures suggest.

Tata sacking: Cyrus Mistry was 'lame duck' chairman

Former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry attacks the firm and warns it faces the risk of huge writedowns.

Lloyds sets aside extra £1bn for PPI mis-selling

Lloyds sets aside a further £1bn to pay compensation for mis-sold payment protection insurance.

Vodafone fined £4.6m by Ofcom for breaking customer rules

Vodafone is fined £4.6m by regulator Ofcom for breaking consumer protection rules.

Clydesdale confirms Williams & Glyn offer

Clydesdale Bank confirms it has made an offer for Williams & Glyn, the banking business that RBS failed to sell to Santander.

Women work 39 days a year more than men, report says

The World Economic Forum estimates that globally women work 39 more days a year than men when unpaid labour is factored in.

Cashing in small pensions 'more popular'

More retirees cash in their pension pots, but the amount they typically withdraw falls to about £10,000.

Emerging markets boost Banco Santander

Spanish bank Santander reports a rise in net profit in the third quarter compared with a year ago, helped by its performance in emerging markets in Latin America.

New Heathrow runway may be built above the M25

The transport secretary says Heathrow's new runway could be built above the existing M25.

Nintendo profits hit despite Pokemon Go popularity

The popularity of Pokemon Go fails to stop Nintendo from issuing a profit warning, which it blames on poor Wii U sales and a strong yen.

Apple iPhone sales fall, but beat estimates

Apple reports its third quarter in a row of falling iPhone sales, but sales beat analyst expectations.

Google Fiber broadband plan scaled back

Google scales back the expansion of its fibre broadband network, which it was rolling out in some US cities.

Toyota recalls 5.8 million cars over faulty Takata airbags

Toyota recalls another 5.8 million cars worldwide over potentially faulty air bags made by Takata.

FTSE 100 lower as mining shares slide

London's leading share index falls, dragged lower by weak mining stocks.

Bright hopes for India art start-up

In India, one start-up called Kulture Shop is bringing together urban artists and turning their designs into home and lifestyle products.

The Heathrow deal, in numbers...

Richard Westcott takes a look at some of the big numbers behind the Heathrow third runway decision.

Heathrow's tricky landing - in 60 seconds

BBC News explains the bumpy ride that lasted over a decade, eventually leading to Heathrow airport getting approval for a third runway.

Growing up under Heathrow's flightpath

At busy times planes fly over Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery school every minute.

Zac Goldsmith quits as MP over Heathrow third runway

Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith resigns over the government's support for a new runway at Heathrow.

South Korean bosses apologise after embezzlement accusations

Lotte's Chairman Shin Dong-bin bowed with his directors and gave a public apology.

Thai tourism after the death of the king

How has tourism in Thailand been affected since the death of the King?

My Shop: '6p a minute' cafe thrives in north of England

The My Shop series visits Ziferblat in Manchester, a kind of cafe that charges you six pence a minute for the time you spend there.

'Irresponsible' Diet Chef weight loss advert banned

An advert in which a tearful woman meets a slimmer, happier version of herself is banned.

Will paper receipts become a thing of the past?

Supermarket giant Tesco has revealed it is trialling a new "digital receipt service", replacing paper receipts.

Growth potential

Heathrow's third runway may have got the go-ahead, but what expansion plans do the UK's other major airports have?

Cash crop

Lebanon is among the top five cannabis growing countries in the world. One farmer tells the BBC why, for many, there are few alternatives.

Free thinking

A university for coding without any teachers has opened in California this month.

Now what?

These days there's no shortage of things to keep you awake at night, whatever your politics. So what's the best way to handle all that uncertainty?

Clicks and bricks

The building industry has not been known for digital innovation, but virtual reality design and project management software are changing perceptions.

Media merger

US telecoms giant AT&T plans to buy entertainment group Time Warner - what will that mean for consumers?

Cartoon king

A profile of Canadian business leader Michael Donovan, who after winning a best documentary Oscar for producing hit film Bowling for Columbine, went on to establish cartoon giant DHX Media.

On your behalf

The concept of shopping via a daigou is booming in China, with people employing them in Australia to get their hands on goods such as baby milk formula.

Sew to survive

Panorama has gone undercover in Istanbul and found evidence that Syrian refugee children are making clothes for leading British brands.

Why not both?

Theo Leggett looks at the case for expanding both Heathrow and Gatwick airports

Cot, crib or pod?

Buying a cot is not an easy process, the choices are endless. Add in the dozens of "sleep aids" available and parents can spend a huge amount of money.

Robot rage

Will human drivers take advantage of driverless cars' safety-first caution and simply ignore them?

E-state agent

Their flat fees are less than those charged by traditional High Street agents, attracting customers and investors alike, but do online agents offer good value?

'I wanted to believe'

Your stories of being tricked out of money by con artists posing as romantic partners.

Itchy business

A growing number of head lice removal firms have set up in recent years as a response to the fact that the insects are increasingly resistant to over-the-counter chemical treatments.

Mind games

Sports psychiatrist Prof Steve Peters is offering his Olympic-winning expertise to firms who want to work more efficiently.

Your own boss?

Being self-employed is a way of life for almost five million UK workers, with some choosing to work independently, while others are being forced to adopt it.

'Things are changing'

How can more women break through India's glass ceiling to take on senior and board level roles?

Trade deals

Elmar Brok, who chairs the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, says the UK will have to negotiate its divorce agreement before its future relationship.

Fur real?

What difference will new welfare measures make to standards on Europe's fur farms?

The history of London's Heathrow airport

A look back at how Heathrow grew from an airfield where passengers waited for flights in tents, to a major hub with about 75 million people passing through it each year.

Why is it taking so long?

The government has given the go-ahead to a third runway at Heathrow, but why has it taken 50 years to decide on expanding London's main airport?

How the cost of delays stacks up

The decision to opt for a new runway at Heathrow is the latest chapter in a 50-year saga - but how much have the delays cost the UK economy?

What happens next?

Now that the government has approved expansion at Heathrow Airport, what will be the next steps to bring the plans to fruition?

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